Less than three months…

As each day passes, our trip comes one step closer! We are anxiously awaiting the day we hit the road and just go.

We get a lot of questions from friends and family asking where we’re going, what we’re doing, and the ever present, “So you’re quitting your jobs?”

Zach and I are planners. We always have been. We planned when we were still in high school when we would get engaged and the summer we would get married. To this day, every evening I make a list of things to do for the day. Our plans are never ending. This is a chance for us to not plan anymore.

I mean, yes, we’re still planning a basic outline of where we want to go, the things we want to see, how to assemble our truck to be liveable. But we also want to learn how to take each day as it comes. To go with the flow. We want to plan less and do more.

Our plan did not start that way. It began as this idea to live overseas (maybe Argentina?) for a year and then morphed into this let’s-go-anywhere-and-everywhere idea. There is just so much we want to see and we thought why not now? Now, before we have kids and advance in our careers. And what’s cheaper than camping and living in our truck while we travel?

For me, it still seems very unreal even though we only have 83 days left in our apartment lease. The notion to drop everything and travel, something we’ve both always wanted to do, is so unlike both of us it still almost doesn’t seem like it could happen. That’s part of the reason we started telling people in the first place. It served as a sort of accountability check on this daring plan. And now with each new thing we buy or build to outfit the truck or use when we’re on the road, it pushes us even more. Before we know it, our home will be a roaming vehicle and who knows where our lives will lead!