Officially homeless

Ok this is it! We are heading out to London! I can finally feel it’s real because my stomach has climbed into my throat and I’m feeling a little lightheaded. Ahhh the beautiful symptoms that come with the fear of flying!

Beyond that though it’s been a crazy week. We are officially homeless. Turned in our keys on the way to the airport! May I recommend to future travelers not to try to move out of your home and leave the country for a month on the same day? Hindsight…plus I got called to jury duty a couple days ago and being overseas is not a good enough excuse to get out of jury duty so…we’ll see how that goes!

Long story short – our travel plans are starting in London! We’ll be flying back July 20. From there, the schedule just becomes confusing and sprinkled with weddings. We’ll be back in Houston until July 30 and then fly out to Colorado for Zach’s brother’s wedding for the next 10 days! (Party time!!)

I have been getting a lot of questions on how we are packing clothes and I can answer for me, but let me say Zach and I are packing very differently from each other. See…I love clothes. There’s just no other way around that point so there it is. Zach, though I’m sure he likes clothes, he does not covet them as much as I do. Let me paint a picture.

Zach and my conversation a couple weeks ago:

Zach and Sara Packing Adventures

And that’s the short version! I had to go into why I wanted different sweaters and dresses in both places, all the while making me feel very materialistic, but I’ve come to terms with it. (And for the record, Zach has been very understanding of my need for variety in clothing! Even though he may not get it.)

A lot of our clothes are still very easily accessible at Zach’s parent’s house where we can transfer out things in between locations. I am SUPER thankful for this!! Especially between places like Amsterdam, which will be very cold, and India, which will be very hot, the switching of clothes comes in handy!! So we’ve got clothes hanging up and in trunks that we can reach, plus our shoes are also in another old hamper. (That was another discussion. I couldn’t think of why I’d want those black heeled boots other than…well they’re gorgeous and I love them and I might need them…you know…for weddings?) But for London I’ve got about 13 outfits before I start mixing and matching:


[2 tank tops; 2 short sleeve shirts; 5 long sleeve shirts; 3 scarves. Some things we are packing – like my American flag scarf – are particular to our trip. So we’ll be celebrating 4th of July here in London and we want to do it up nice so we brought some American apparel!]


[1 pullover sweater; 4 dresses; 1 cardigan; 4 pairs of shoes]

[3 pairs of jeans; 2 shorts; leggings; sweatpants; 3 athletic pants/shorts; 3 dri fit shirts; 2 t-shirts. Again, some of our clothes are specific to our travels. I love to work out and we have a gym at our hotel so I brought athletic gear. Plus the home t-shirt is for 4th of July as well :)]

And there’s some overlap for Colorado. Really though we are packing for each country we are going to individually because we’re coming back to Texas in between trips. So I’m very thankful for that and thankful we’ll have access to the rest of our clothes to change things up a bit!

That’s it for now! I’m praying for a safe flight because in my head all I see is danger…I don’t fly much…and yes, I logically know that it’s safer to fly than lots of other things like driving a car. But that does not stop my mind from picturing our plane suddenly breaking in two or a wing just popping off. I’m the person that follows the flight attendant’s instructions thoroughly, note my emergency exits, and check for my life jacket! Gotta play it safe!